plantable greeting cards that grow into wildflowers. make someone happy and their world beautiful

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growing your cards

For the best results, follow the steps below:

1. Soak your greeting card in water overnight (8-12 hours).  

2. If growing indoors, pour planting soil into a pot and plant the soaked card 1/4 inch deep into the soil.  feel free to tear the card into sections if your pot is not big enough to lay the card flat. 

If growing outdoors, loosen soil and plant 1/4 inch into the ground. 

Remember that you can even plant the planting directions card that comes with your greeting card. The jute string can also be planted or used in the garden as a gardening tool. 

If planting indoors, keep the pot by a window for best results. sprouts should occur within one to two weeks.

Your card will LOVE sunlight, being watered daily (but don't over water), care, and love.

Six weeks later. and we've got a wildflower! In the Wildflower Mix, a variation of wildflowers can occur in every card. Sweet Alyssum is the first to bloom in this plantable greeting card. We also offer cards that grow into Marigolds, Scarlet Flax, and California Poppies!

3. If you desire, you can transplant your blooms outside. The same greeting card featured above started growing indoors and ended up flourishing outdoors. This plantable greeting card has now produced a Black-Eyed Susan and some Spurred Snapdragons.  


 The flowers continued to bloom as the summer went on. 

Below are pictures of some of the many beautiful blooms produced by reinCARDnation by Katherine's greeting cards. 




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