plantable greeting cards that grow into wildflowers. make someone happy and their world beautiful

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about us

Hello, we are reinCARDnation by Katherine, locally handcrafted in the great state of Maine. 

We make plantable seed paper greeting cards that grow into flowers.  Instead of storing your greeting cards from your loved ones in a box for years, or throwing them away, plant them and watch them grow into beautiful flowers.

If you're looking for a unique card and gift for your loved one, get them a plantable seed paper greeting card that grows into flowers! It's a print of original artwork, a card, and flowers once planted. Click here to watch a video of how each seed paper greeting card design is created:


Once the design has been created, we print limited additions on seed paper. Your greeting card will surely be unique and one of a kind!   We offer cards that grow into Marigolds, Scarlet Flax, California Poppies, and a Wildflower Mix. The wildflower seeds are embedded within your card and a variation of flowers may occur in this product, including, Forget-Me-Not, Lemon Mint, Dwarf Godetia, English Daisy, Maiden Pinks, Black Eyed Susan, Spurred Snapdragon, Corn Poppy, Sweet Alyssum, and Catchfly.


Our company believes in happiness and making every day a great day. Make a great day by creating a better world; send a plantable seed paper greeting card and a message to your loved one, all in one.

We only invest in the best seed paper because we really want our greeting cards to grow, and they really do! Our germination rate is greater than 75%, especially if the directions are followed below:
  • Soak the greeting card in water over night (8-12 hours)
  • Dig 1/4 inch into the ground
  • Place the card flat and cover with soil (You can also rip the card in half in order to fit into a smaller planter pot if desired) 
  • Water often for the first 4-6 weeks (Do not over water)
  • Plant in early Spring through late Fall
  • Plant indoors at anytime & transplant in early Spring
  • Much love
Custom cards can be created for weddings and special events. 
please email for more information.