5 Reasons to Plant Wildflowers Posted on 17 Apr 13:31

A wildflower is the flower of a plant that grows without deliberate cultivation. Wildflowers are essential to our planet but are too often taken for granted because they are treated as weeds and rid from gardens. Below are 5 reasons why you should plant wildflowers.

1) Animals and Food
Wildflowers are a major food source and provide important nectar to many animals. Animals such as rabbits, deer, and mice eat the flowers and disperse the seeds around and birds find food by eating the insects within wildflowers. Our pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, rely on wildflowers and pollinate around 80% of the world's 1400 crops that are grown to produce our food and plant based industrial products. 

2) Medicine 
Humans benefit from many important medications that are made with wildflower components. For example, flowers like the Rosy Periwinkle has been used in medications that have increased the survival rate of children with Leukemia. Many wildflowers are used to treat burns, bruising, and the common cold. 

3) Soils and Water
Wildflowers play an important role in our water systems and the earth's erosion. Flowering plants recycle our water by filtering out the pollutants and then returns the moisture back into the atmosphere. The roots hold the soil in place and the foliage provides a buffer against the impact of rain fall. 

4) Vegetable Garden Management
Instead of using pesticides, planting specific wildflowers around your vegetable garden can help protect your crops from other animals. Wildflowers, such as Sweet Alyssum, a flower that can also be grown from your reinCARDnation plantable greeting card, can be planted around your garden to keep the deer from eating your vegetables, and also attracts insects that eat caterpillars and aphids, another cause of failing crops.

5) Shelter
As the world's population continue's to grow, our earth's creatures are losing their habitat. A fresh cut lawn and a weeded garden is like a desert to our pollinators. Planting wildflowers will give insects, bees, and other important creatures a place to live and stay.


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