My Inspiration Posted on 10 Apr 14:44

My dad was my best friend and this business wouldn't be possible without his love, positivity, and passion for life and for his family.

Every evening, we used to talk about my dreams and hopes and what I truly wanted to do everyday to be happy and to make every day a great day. My dad believed that you couldn't have a great day, but that you had to make it a great day because only you would have the power to decide this. For as long as I could remember, I would tell him about a brand new business idea that was going to be amazing and successful and ultimately make me happy, and every single time I explained my idea to him, he would laugh and say "try again Katy." He didn't say this because he was mean or doubtful in what I could accomplish, but because he truly knew me for who I was and what I loved to spend my time doing, which was making art, being out doors and working in the garden, and connecting with people.  Most of my business ideas were really only about the money and how I could make millions and would never have to work again. We would laugh about my business idea of the day,  sometimes until we cried, but he always saw that spark in me and told me to keep reaching for the stars, and that the right idea would someday appear. My dad and I's favorite thing to do was talk while sitting by a fire, or to garden and then admire our work. I always left every conversation knowing that I had the most amazing friend in the entire world.

My dad passed away in November of 2014. He managed to buy me a Christmas gift before he passed, a gift a will never forget. He bought me a painting that was of a little girl sitting on her dads shoulders, reaching for a star. On the back of the painting in his own handwriting, he wrote "Merry Christmas Katy! You're my miracle and my inspiration. Keep reaching. Love Dad."

One day, a month after Christmas, I discovered a new business idea, that encompassed all of what truly makes me happy, original plantable cards.

I instantly felt my heart race with joy and wanted to call him to tell him all about it even though I knew that calling him wouldn't be possible.

In a moment of sadness I felt true happiness. This time it wasn't because I knew this idea would make me millions, but that this business would truly make me happy. Art, gardening, and love.

So I thank you dad for being my inspiration and for encouraging me to keep reaching.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me along the way. Much love.